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Stone Town City Tour

Most Stone Town City Tours last between 3 and 4 hours and are an excellent (if exhausting) way of quickly familiarising yourself with Stone Town’s geography and history. The tour is even recommended to those staying in the city as a good way to get one’s bearings in what can seem a daunting matrix of streets and similar looking buildings, dust, scooters and noise.

The tour will most likely take in the sites along the Waterfront, in Central Stone Town and around Shanghani. Guides are likely to be able to open many doors that tourists with limited Kiswahili cannot. Seeing as many of Stone Town’s most fascinating sites are under signposted and hidden this can be very useful. But do not underestimate the strain of 3-4 hours on foot traipsing a hot dirty city. Try and do the tour early in the morning or in the early evening in order to avoid the hottest times of day.

For more detailed information on Stone Town and a written city guide see the Stone Town page.

Finding a Guide

Your hotel will be able to suggest guides and pretty much every tour operator in Stone Town will be able to pair you up with a guide, or see our Excursions page for details of how to plan this yourself.

A group tour through an operator will cost between USD 20-30 per person. Historian Farid Hamid of Zanzibar’s Cultural Arts Centre offers a personal tour service Mondays to Fridays from around 1000 to around 1730. This starts at The Cultural Arts Centre (opposite Hamamni Baths) and costs around USD 15 per group (plus tip).

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