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Spice Tours

A Spice Tour of one sort or another has become practically obligatory for most tourists to Zanzibar.

It is said that the tours were conceived when a local farmer showed a band of travelling hippies the wonders of this farm in an attempt to make them better understand the power of herbs and spices.

The modern day tour comprises of a trip to a farm in central Unguja (by coach or minibus) where you will be given a chance to walk around the herb and spice plantations, tasting and smelling the various products. Guides should explain the uses of each spice and perhaps a little of their history (most were introduced to the island through various trade links). You may even get to try your hand at coconut harvesting (practically impossible for the inexperienced and shockingly easy for a Zanzibari farmer). The tour will usually be rounded up with a first-rate meal. Many of the tours are run in conjunction with other excursions such as to the Kidichi Persian Baths, Mahurubi Ruins or Mangapwani Slave Caves.

Arranging your Spice Tour

Most Stone Town Hotels and practically every tour operator will offer some version of the Spice Tour; see the main Excursions page for further details. Prices vary widely and depend upon what you want from your trip. A basic tour shared with other visitors will cost around USD 15 per person. Private trips start at USD 25-30. Special tours such as The Princess Salame Tour cost up to USD 70 per person, though they offer a more magical experience; including a tour of the Mahurubi Ruins and a fantasy retelling of the story of the Princess Salame’s elopement.

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