Zanzibar Hotels

Booking your Zanzibar Vacation

When planning a vacation to Zanzibar it is necessary firstly to choose a hotel or combination of hotels at which to stay. To facilitate this we have selected some 40 hotels situated around the island - most of which we have either visited or stayed at ourselves.

Thereafter visitors are asked to decide which excursions or diving courses they wish to undertake, or whether instead they wish only to spend their time at leisure at their chosen hotel, playing it by ear as it were, and requesting activity options directly from their hotel - all of which are able to arrange excursions and usually at very short notice. Those electing to improvise their itineraries on site are however reminded that a small number of excursions require pre-booking and pre-payment, as do all diving courses.

Booking your Zanzibar hotel early to ensure availability

Those considering their Zanzibar vacation around Christmas and the New Year, or during the northern hemisphere summer holidays should be aware that many of the better hotels on the island become fully booked on some nights several months in advance. To simplify the booking procedure and thereby facilitate early submission to us of your travel requirements we have formulated a booking form that asks you for all the answers we need to ensure that your arrangements are made as early and as accurately as possible. The form is probably a good place to start in your planning phase, and is available here.

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